We offer a comprehensive range of world-class services for luxury car care, Car Detailing Services, Window Tinting, Upholstery, Car Wrapping, and Paint Protection. Our team is experienced and always kept up to date on the latest technologies, products, and techniques, to ensure we are at the very top of our industry.
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Car detailing performing of thorough cleaning and polish to make the vehicle look better. We have a range of detailing packages to cater to specific customer needs.


Automotive Window Tint Film helps you block the sun’s heat and UV rays ensuring your vehicle is always comfortable to drive.

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Automotive Window Tint Film & Nano-Ceramic Coating services available all over Dubai

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  • Car Window Tinting
  • Nano Ceramic Coating

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Marine Tinting

UAE Boat Owners Trust Us for Marine Window Tinting

Clear Window Film

The Most Intelligent and Effective automotive window tint film

Glass coating and tinting for boats and yachts

Nano ceramic coating

Car Detailing

Paint Protection Film-PPF

  • Car Window Tinting block up to 97% of the sun’s harmful infrared radiation
  • Clean & protect your car with our detailing system
  • Defend your cars exterior and interior
  • Looking new and shiny with Nano ceramic coating
  • Automotive Window Tint Film
  • Protect your car’s paint with paint protection film
  • Sporty look with Vehicle graphics
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Expert Service

We provide the best car care service with expert peoples team

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Car Detailing Dubai

Our professional detailers understand the importance of maintaining and showcasing your vehicle.

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Window Tinting

High performance Car Window Tinting are durable and reduce the Infra red heat waves upto 95% and blocks 99% of UV rays penetration to protect your skin from darkening and premature aging. 

nano ceramic coating for cars

Nano Ceramic Coatings

The latest innovations in the car’s surface protection industry have come with great technology that provides long-lasting protection to the paintwork of the car.

car leather and fabric upholstery

Leather & Fabric Upholstery

Car enthusiasts, luxury vehicle owners, boaters, and private aircraft owners only trust our team for their custom upholstery.

Full Interior Detailing

Interior car cleaning from Smart Auto covers all interior aspects, from your dashboard and console, vents, and door panels – no part is overlooked.

car paint protection

Paint Protection Film-PPF

Car Paint Protection Film is one of the best ways to preserve the showroom quality finish on your vehicle.

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Over time, your car’s paint may begin to fade and lose its shine and lustre. Harsh environmental conditions and prolonged exposure to sunlight are the two main culprits.

Left unprotected, your car’s paint will start oxidising. Paint oxidation occurs when moisture is removed from the top layers causing it to lose vital oils. If these oils aren’t replaced, the damage becomes noticeable and the surface gradually becomes duller.

Getting a car wash will not restore the damage caused by oxidation. Smart Autos’s Power Shine is one proven solution to protect the gloss and shine on your car. It takes complete care of your car’s exteriors, restoring the original paint finish while giving your car a brand new look.


Clean cars for a happier journey

Almost every single day, for the most of us, the morning journey in our car to work is the time which decides our mood for the rest of the day. We travel on an average for more than an hour through pollution, dust and heavy traffic, which makes us tired and agitated. It can be even more frustrating if the interior of our car is dull, unclean or messy.

Over a period of time, plastic and wooden interiors of cars tend to loosen up, dust and grime tend to accumulate in various corners inside the car and mirrors look foggy. Even though we do carry a piece of cloth for a quick wiping of car interiors, it does not give fresh and clean look for a long time.

But now, with Smart Auto’s Interior Premium Treatment, you can be rest assured that your car’s interiors will be spotlessly clean and its furniture intact.

Keep your car interiors looking new